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Would they be book shelves...?

Heard of a new use for old books. If you're at a garage sale or happen into a thrift store and come across some old books with interesting covers, why not use them as shelves for nicknacks, flowers, or even other books? As long as the cover is interesting looking, get some L brackets from the Hardware dept or more decorative brackets from the Flooring/Decor dept. and pick up some wall anchors and screws as appropriate from Hardware. Just place a book onto your work surface and mount the brackets to the books with some screws. You can also use some construction adhesive to help hold the book onto the brackets. Then position the shelf where you want it. mark your wall for the wall anchors and install.


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Posted 2011-09-24T21:47:43+0000  by Paul Paul

Yup definitely they wopuld be Book Shelves.

Posted 2011-09-29T11:40:08+0000  by maryan1313

Paul your puns always kill me man! I love this idea though, who else has got book-shelves like these? Nobody that's who!


As a side note a buddy of mine did a similar thing with an old snowboard that was decommissioned, it really is a clever concept that adds a ton of charactor to your decor.


keep up the good work Paul!



Posted 2011-10-04T20:44:35+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy
i have on my hose some  Book Shelves  and also  y have some Libros gratis  from amazon  a read those on the back of my hose i love home depot for my contrition 
Posted 2020-10-04T02:20:35+0000  by librolara
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