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Yellowing During Application of Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations

In a recent Email, a member of The Community discovered yellow showing through the bond coat on several cabinets and drawers while using Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations. Thru Email inquiry Brett was in search of a recommendation about how to proceed.


My reply is below:


Hello Brett!


Sorry to learn of the yellow show-through on your bond coat of Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations!


There are three different directions you might choose:


1) One fix for show-through would include first buff sanding each piece that shows yellow with 220-grit sandpaper. Evenly sand the entire surface until you remove the yellow, wipe off the sanding dust with a dry terry towel, and then lightly rinse the entire surface with a mild solution of TSP mixed with warm water. While rinsing, pay particular attention to the previously yellow spots to ensure that you have removed them. If not, back up and re-sand the piece again.


Allow the surface to air dry and then apply another layer of Rust-Oleum's bond coat.


Pick up the remainder of your "Transformations" process as instructed by Rust-Oleum's DVD in the kit.


2) If you intend to use the faux glaze from the kit, you may be able to blend and/or cover the yellow using the glaze. Glaze adds color and depending upon how much you wipe off, you may get a satisfactory result once the glaze does its job. Caution: If you choose this approach, try one piece before you proceed to the full project ... the worst example of yellowing would be my choice. If not satisfied with the results, go back to number 1 above.


3) If you choose to simply paint the cabinets, I would recommend the same steps in an earlier post about using oil-based paints to refinish your cabinets. Lightly sand each piece to break the gloss and reduce the yellow areas, wipe off the sanding dust with a dry terry towel, and use a natural bristle brush to smooth on a coat of oil-based gloss (Glidden) or semi-gloss (Behr) in the color of your choice. Be certain to smooth on your paint (rather than actively brush back and forth) and then leave it alone to dry for six-hours. During that time the product will self-level, eliminating the brush strokes and leaving a fresh, durable surface.


I hope this helps! Follow-up and let us know how your cabinets turn out!


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Posted 2012-04-05T16:38:57+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL Pat_HD_ATL