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You can be a color expert..

Finding the perfect color when painting a room can be so overwhelming that you might be tempted to abandon the whole project. Wouldn't be nice to test all the possible colors for your room without actually having to physically paint them?


Here are a few tools that will help you out:


A virtual color tool is something that allows you to paint a color on the walls, ceiling, and trim of a room. Just pick a room that is similar to yours and paint away (virtually).


Color Smart.JPG



  1. Pick a color from either Decorator Style colors, Popular Colors, or search a color.
  2. Choose a room that suits your style.
  3. Paint the walls, ceilings, and trim with the virtual tool.
  4. Save to MY BEHR.
  5. You can order samples of paint to be sent right to your home.
  6. There is even a mobile app.





  1. Pick a color from the color pallet.
  2. place the colors on the wall, ceiling, or trim.
  3. Save to projects folder.
  4. There is an app for that!




You may want to view inspirations from room galleries that have already been decorated according to your favorite color scheme.


Behr colors.JPG




Glidden colors.JPG



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