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Your Pet is Never Wet !!!!! They'll luv you for thinking of them !

Except in extreme weather, our pets LOVE to be outdoors at least half the time.  Here in Washington state we get lots of rain, and  the pet beds are always damp and cold. (I do add dry blankets... all the time.)   I can't wait to try this product!  Big dog pillows in the dog house should  stay dry and be much warmer (they only dry in the summer now!).   The cat beds on our covered patio  absorb moisture from the air and are usually damp -- the cats will be SOooo happy to have dry beds.  AND.....   what about using Never Wet on a small pillow in your cat carrier?   Happy pets.... and a happy me !!

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Posted 2013-06-06T17:30:53+0000  by Koala_D Koala_D

I would check with your vet before using a product like this on a pet bed.  They may lick the surface or have some transferrance...  Please be safe!

Posted 2013-08-01T05:22:36+0000  by amberhoj_1984
Is it safe for animals body? I checked MSDS on neverwet site (here), neverwet India (here), amazon questions & answers but didn't find any information! Can anyone help?
Posted 2018-07-02T09:26:58+0000  by praveensoni
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