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Zinsser BIN and Cat Smell...Does the Whole House Need It?

I recently bought a house that has a cat pee smell that came up when the carpets were steam-cleaned.  I plan to cover all surfaces in rooms that had carpets, and adjoining hallways with BIN, but not other rooms further away from the contamination.  I replaced parts of subfloor that were clearly stained.  These other room don't appear to be directly affected by the cat.  That said I can smell some of the cat pretty much everywhere in the house.  When I bought the house  I couldn't smell anything.


My question is:  Should I just go ahead and paint the whole house now, or if I'm correct about where the cat problem is, would it be overkill to do other rooms, and then do them if necessary later?   

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Posted 2012-12-10T21:52:20+0000  by coyoteblue coyoteblue




What is the old expression about "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". There is no better odor sealer than BIN. Although BIN  is a little pricey as primers go, a gallon t does cover about 400 square feet.  While the carpets are up , why not hit everything? Other then sealing odors in, I personally just feel better knowing there is a nice clean layer of alcohol based,  vapor barrier primer under my floor coverings.


Just my 2 cents.

Posted 2012-12-11T05:58:02+0000  by ordjen

Hello CoyoteBlue!


Two or three times each month, I help cat owners and those who purchase or rent homes where cats have lived.


The odor is almost as bad as that of an in-home smoker.


In either case, the odor is not commonly limited to the floors but also the walls (and in the case of smokers, the ceiling).


These odors are sometimes in the central air system as well.


So, I recommend two approaches:


1) Prime both the floors and walls (and in the case of smokers, the ceiling) with two coats of tinted primer sealer; and

2) Place DampRid Odor Genie inside the plenum of your AC system to help kill odors throughout the home.

DampRid Odor Genie.jpg 


NOTE: I love the product Ordjen recommends as well as Zinsser Cover Stain, an oil-based primer that is tintable. Tinting your primer allows you to apply your first coat of color while priming. When tinted, Cover Stain is not exactly the same color as your new paint, but is very similar ... making painting much easier than covering a white primer.

Posted 2012-12-11T15:16:42+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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