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a leak under kitchen sink behind the wall, how do I?

On a fixed income. Need to fix leak under sink that is behind the wall. Where and how do I begin to fix such a problem?

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Posted 2013-05-15T12:33:33+0000  by samiam05 samiam05

Hi Samiam,


Since you do not know what is leaking or the source, the best bet is to call a plumber.


They have to tools and knowledge to solve the problem.


I could have you tear open the wall and remove pipes etc. and the expense would most likely

be more than calling a pro.


Check with your neighbors or the local BBB for recommendations on the best plumber to use in your area.



Posted 2013-06-06T18:00:58+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Absolutely , if you doesn't know where is leakage or where is the source of leakage hiring the plumber is the reliable option. It's long time now to post reply but i still found you reply useful. Thanks Samiam, i also have considered plumber hollywood for leakage problems in my basement.
Posted 2018-09-26T08:05:46+0000  by alexisbronson
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