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above ground fire pit question

Home Depot friends, this is Lynn, a blogger for the Home Depot Garden Club. A reader has written to ask this question about our recent post on building an above ground fire pit (here is the link to that post:


"What if you want to make it gas and use a glass base of some sort. I have seen them with glass and they are so pretty. How would you do it with these items and use the same design as above. Would the gas have to be underneath or through the side? Is there a specialized glass?" - Carrie


Can you help Carrie with some suggestions? I'll send her a link to this, so she can watch for replies. Many thanks! Lynn, HD Garden Club

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Posted 2013-01-31T15:45:15+0000  by LynnGardenClub LynnGardenClub

The link I posted to the fire pit directions doesn't seem to work. Please try this link instea:


Lynn, Home Depot Garden Club

Posted 2013-01-31T16:22:37+0000  by LynnGardenClub

Howdy Lynn,


I've run across this question at the store and customers were delighted to find the "fire glass" is available online from The Home Depot.


Here is the link:


There are many colors to choose from and some blends of different colors as well. Check them out and I think you'll find just what you need.



Happy Warming,


Posted 2013-01-31T19:16:04+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
Thanks, Coach Dave, for this quick and helpful answer!
Lynn, Home Depot Garden Club
Posted 2013-02-01T12:19:10+0000  by LynnGardenClub
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