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above ground pool green water

what do you suggest to put in above ground pool when water turns green

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Posted 2013-08-16T00:03:41+0000  by gefoster54 gefoster54

Howdy gefoster54,


When dealing with a swimming pool turning green you should first ask yourself "how green is it?" This is important because in extreme cases you may need to have it drained and acid washed. In severe cases like this it is more cost effective and less time consuming to simply drain it and have it acid washed.


People sometimes do not like this aproach over concerns of the cost of refilling the pool. It also depends on the type of filtration you are using. My general rule for determining whether it can be treated chemically or needs to be drained is if you can see at least 6 to 8 inches below the surface of the water. Usually this would be if you can see the top of the first stair down into the pool depending on the water level. most likely it can be treated chemically.


If the pool is green, obviously very little to no chlorine is in the pool. So testing for chlorine is not very important since you'll be shocking the pool anyway. PH plays a very important factor though.I prefer to use a higher end test kit but the cheap test strips will give you at least an idea if your PH is high or low. You want it to be low. If the PH reads high use 1 gallon of muriatic acid Don't worry about adding too much acid. 1 gallon should be sufficient, re-test after shocking and 4 hours of circulation.


Once your PH is 7.2 or below you are going to start by shocking the pool with granular chlorine.  Use 5 pounds of granular shock or 10 gallons (4 - 2.5 gallon jugs) of liquid chlorine. With the filter pump on, broadcast evenly over the water covering the entire pool surface until all 5 pounds of shock, or 10 gallons of liquid chlorine have been used.  Algaecide can be added after a few hours of circulation.


What type of filter do you have?


Diatomaceous Earth

Before anything, backwash DE filter. Add fresh DE powder, shock pool as explained above and run the pump for 24 hours.



Same as DE except the backwash time should be a minimum of five minutes.


Cartridge Filter:

Make sure it's in good condition and rinsed thoroughly.


After 24 hours of chemicals and circulation, you will see an amazing transformation. Your pool should not be "green" anymore. Although it will be cloudy and will need alot of brushing and filtration for the next few days. There will still be a few stubborn isolated green areas that need some brushing.


Make sure you have a reliable chlorinater whether or not it is an in-line, floater, or salt system. Chlorine needs to be in the pool always. Throwing a jug of liquid in it once a week isn't a good way of maintaining the pool. A simple tablet chlorine floater is very effective.


Clean your filter. DE filters are by far the best filter to have. Although a bit more costly to purchase at first will save you both time and lots of money in the long run.


normal filter maintenance - DE filters, backwash once a month


- Sand filters, backwash once every 2 weeks. (be sure to backwash your sand filter for a minimum of 4 minutes, otherwise you will see filthy water shooting back into the pool)


- Cartridge filters, every three to four weeks unless you see algae in the pool, then clean more often. Soak in tri-sodium phosphate every three months.


Happy Swimming,



Posted 2013-08-16T01:03:53+0000  by Dave_HD_OC

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