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access for crawl space...

Hi- we just had a hole cut out in our family room floor to gain access to our crawl space underneath.  We made a hardwood floor cover for the hole-- it is 3 feet by 4 feet.  We plan on just sliding it to the side when we need access.  It is quite heavy though!  We would love some ideas on how to easily grab and lift it up (before sliding it to the side).  We will have a throw rug covering the spot, so dont want anything too thick or clunky to step on.  Any ideas would be very much appreciated!   

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Posted 2011-02-09T00:07:07+0000  by dmlk dmlk

Good morning, dmlk, and welcome to the community. I have two words for you... recessed handles. There are several options available at your local Home Depot, and I'll include an example at the end of the post,

You'll need to use a plunge router to make the recess to put them in, but whoever cut the floor should be able to do this. If it was you who cut the opening, you should have more than enough skill to use a router to accomplish the task. The handles you buy will come with a template to go by to make the proper size wholes, and then you simply screw them in.

While you are doing this, I would go ahead and attach some sliders to the underside of the panel so it doesn't scratch your floor as you move it.

If you decide to tackle this project yourself, you can pick up a plunge router at Home Depot. Prices start at about a hundred bucks and go up from there. Pick up some scrap wood to make a couple of practice runs, and you'll have those handles installed in no time.

Once again, welcome aboard, and keep us posted on this and any future projects.

Ray the Hammer






One more thing, my co-worker, Christine Claret, says to watch out for spiders.






                   recessed handle.jpg                                

Posted 2011-02-09T13:36:08+0000  by TheHammer

Hey dmlk The Hammer offered a great solution, but if you’d like to try and avoid modifying the panel then another idea to take into consideration which I’ve seen used on both tiled and hardwood access panels is the use of vacuum lifters or suction lifts. They are the handy little things used to pick up large sheets of glass or other smooth materials and are offered in a number of different designs and weight capacities.  Make sure to contact The Home Depot in your area to make sure this is an item they stock being it’s not sold in every market. Well whatever you choose to do, be sure to let us know what worked out for you.


Posted 2011-02-09T16:12:13+0000  by HDwetPaint
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