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advice on painting with frog tape

hi my name is chrystal griffith and i have a semi big project ahead of me. anyway i have never used frog tape before when painting and am not sure where to start. i got my current colors picked out which are all a very light green color. also i need advice on how to not get the paint drippings on the walls. i have never painted a apartment before so i am pretty new at this. please get back to me soon. thanks . :smileyindifferent:

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Posted 2011-08-09T01:10:49+0000  by cg1986 cg1986

Hello Chrystal!


Frog tape is an excellent tool when you need a perfectly straight line.


I produced this demo at the Store so customers could see (and feel) exactly how straight the lines are with this product.




FrogTape uses a patented "PaintBlock" emulsion on the sticky side of their tape. When this super-absorbent emulsion comes in contact with water-based paint, it instantly gels to seal the edge and form a micro-barrier that prevents paint bleed.


The end result is a very sharp paint line!


The only role you need to play when using this product is to apply a straight line of tape to your edge (around doors/window, above or below trim, or at a break-point on your wall) and then smooth the adhesive down against the edge of that surface using your thumb/finger, a plastic trowel, or by pressing against the edge with a terry towel between your hand and the tape. Look for areas where the tape is not flush against that edge and pass over it again, until it is smooth.


The only other step it to apply paint, which wets the edge of the tape, making the emulsion gel and creating a barrier that paint cannot bleed under.


FrogTape is medium adhesion and has a 21-day timeline for removal. So take your time, apply your second coat, allow it to dry at least four-hours, and then remove your tape to expose your handy work.


If you're having trouble creating a straight line (for stripes or other decorative designs), try this trick: Use a level and straight edge to lightly draw a pencil line on the wall. When taping, apply the tape next to the line ... leaving the pencil mark inside the area to be painted. When you paint, the line will be covered ... leaving no exposed pencil marks.


REMOVAL NOTE: When removing tape, pull the tape away from the edge at a 45-degree angle (instead of pulling it away square) to help create a release point where the tape will come free easily. In cases where thicker or multiple coats of paint have been applied, you may have to run a razor along the edge to help create a release point.


Here is another link you may want to review: Tape Crisp, Straight Lines

Posted 2011-08-09T15:51:20+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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