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This past winter my furnace was diagnosed with a bad heat exchanger unit.  I made it through the winter without the furnace but now something is affecting my air conditioning unit.  When I first turned on my AC, it worked but when it got to the setting I had put in, it would not come back on.  A day later I went back and turned on the AC again and it came on and worked but once you turn it off, it will not come back on until more than 24 hours later.  I was told that there is a way to bypass the furnace part of the system so that when the thermostat is on it will not have to talk through the entire system and by doing this bypass, the AC system will work OK.  In other words, when you turn on the AC now even though I am engaging the AC, it still talks through the entire system and because the furnace is not working, this is affecting the AC which is causing it not to work correctly.  Can anyone help me or talk me through how to do this bypass so that my AC will work.  It's getting hot her in Atlanta and I need HELP. 

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Posted 2011-04-09T16:32:25+0000  by alabama alabama

Hey there alabama,


I live in the city of Atlanta and from Georgia myself so believe me, it does get hot even when there's still springtime pollen on the ground!


From what you are saying the problems are on the unit, it maybe the capacitors and/or the points on the outside of the unit that are going bad. While replacing them can be easy process, you will need to turn your power off first, take the external cover off the unit that houses the parts to be replaced, and run a voltage tester to the capacitors or points to see if you are getting resistance to them. Although finding them maybe easy, finding the replacement part may not be. Also, typical replacement of these parts are done usually by a licensed and trained HVAC installer, which leads me to my next step.


First, know the model and unit of the HVAC unit you have, and hopefully you maybe under a warranty for whomever installed it in the house in the first place. Contact the manufacturer of the unit and also see if they can come out and ascertain whether or not the culprit is a simple replacement of the capacitors and/or points. Also, if you want to do this yourself, you can run the risk of voiding any warranty or certain repair work done, so be mindful of that.


Replacement and proper professional diagnosis and unfortunately not by-passing the system will allow you to have the AC on during these warm months and years to come.


Please let us know if we can assist you further,


Posted 2011-04-09T19:42:00+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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