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allure flooring around toilet

I'm putting down some 12" by 36" allure vinyl plank in a bathroom. I've got the quarter round off, toilet out, and floor down to the hardwood subfloor. I was wondering if i cut the plank to surround the toilet base....or cut it to fit around the flange so the toilet sits on it? Any tips for cutting around a floor vent would be great also....thanks much.

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Posted 2012-05-08T19:41:07+0000  by cottonius cottonius

Hello cottonius and welcome to the Community!  We are glad that you are here.


As for cutting around the toilet: you can cut to surround the toilet base or around the flange – The Allure Team told me that either is okay.  The key is to make sure that once the flooring is installed, any moisture will be kept ON the surface and will NOT get under the floor to avoid odor, mold, and mildew.


Make a pattern out of heavy paper to fit around the irregular object.  Place the pattern on the plank and trace.  Patience and persistence will pay off.  Cut along trace lines using a utility knife (use a new blade) or use heavy duty scissors.  Lay the plank.  After installation is completed, walk on the floor to insure bonding of both adhesive edges.


After the toilet is installed, use a silicone caulk around the base - as well as around the tub and shower enclosure - to create a seal that will keep the moisture on the surface.



I assume the floor vent is a rectangle – again dry fit with a template.  Start with a small cut out and patiently work your way outward.  You can always cut the hole bigger as you go to get the proper fit.



Once the flooring is installed, here are some extra tips to ensure a beautiful long life for your new bathroom floor:


* Install proper floor protectors (preferably felt) on all furniture (vanity or cabinet) legs used on your new flooring.


* Do not allow pets with unclipped nails to damage your Allure floor.


* High-heeled shoes that do not have proper tips on the heels may also scratch the floor.


* Dust mop or vacuum your floor at least twice a week - more often with heavy traffic to remove all loose dirt and particles.


* For a routine wet wash and disinfectant, use 1 cup vinegar to 1 gallon warm water and tightly wring out the mop so there is minimal moisture on the floor.


* Use Allure One Step occasionally – only several times a year- to update the sheen.


* No soap.  No wax.  No combination cleaner/finish products.



Best wishes on your project – please let us know how it turns out!




Posted 2012-05-08T22:01:16+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL

Thanks for the info....much appreciated.

Posted 2012-05-09T14:24:41+0000  by cottonius

I'm completing  a similar project, putting Allure over existing linoleum on concrete.  I am installing a new toilet at the same time, so I like the idea of placing Allure right up to the flange. 


My old toilet ended up rocking, as the cement under the linoleum wasn't perfectly level.  I'm going to cut back the old linoleum and use some Level Quik to skim out about 4mm to 8mm (thickness of the old tile) for area of the full base of the new toilet.  The Allure would then go on top. 


I haven't taken out the old toilet yet, so I don't know if I can adjust the height of the flange (or if it matters) for the added thickness of the Allure tile.  The existing flange is set into a concrete floor.


Should I be putting some kind of sealer under the tile?  So if the toilet should leak under the floor, it couldn't really go anywhere?  I'd think that would help avoid mold and mildew. I know Allure is to float, but by placing the toilet on it, we aren't really letting that section of floor float anyway.  So, would some silicon or Quad be in order?


Additional pointers?  Thoughts?



Posted 2012-05-14T05:16:22+0000  by MI-DIYer

Hey MI-DIYer,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


As stated earlier in this post, putting the Allure right up to the flange can be done. All the steps you were referring to were already addressed in her post on this thread, so the only thing left would be protecting the toilet where it meets the Allure itself. You'll know how the new toilet will work against your existing flange only after installing everything. With that said, as long as the LevelQuik was applied accurately, and the Allure is working well alongside the flange, the next step would be an optimal sealing over the LevelQuik you just put down.


While " target="_self">RedGard is a great product for this, it comes only in large containers. You can use a small amount of porch and floor paint or exterior grade paint to block out any basic moisture, but it won't work as well as a moisture-resistant coating such as Drylok. Again, these products are only available in large 1 gallon or more sizes, but for what its worth, it can and will work to protect that area from water damage.


You are correct about the Allure not floating in that area, but as long as it is floating along all the edges and is not physically fastened or adhered down, a toilet with sealant on top of it will work just fine. I would recommend to use 100% silicone to ensure the seam is permanently water-tight and flexible from all temperature changes.


It sounds like you are on the right track to get the Allure down safely and securely in your home.


Let us know if you have any further questions or comments.



Posted 2012-05-14T18:29:39+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Hello MI-DIYer and thank you for joining the discussions.


You have taken well-spent time for your flooring prep and aboveaveragejoe has done a great job advising about the toilet-to-floor connection.


Since you mentioned the “rocking” around the toilet area (with the wax ring as the most likely culprit), be sure that the linoleum on the rest of the bathroom floor is “solid,” intact, and the floor is level.  


As an additional thought, if there is a pedestal lavatory sink in the bathroom, be sure to follow these same preparation techniques and apply silicone around the base for moisture-free results.


Best wishes on your project.



Posted 2012-05-15T13:54:20+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
Hi. I am installing allure in a bathroom and have been told to cut it around the base of the toilet and silicone seal it.. But i worry that practice may lead to sealing in water on the floor if the base ever leaks. any
Posted 2016-05-11T17:16:30+0000  by larf
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