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alter 36" base cabinet to accommodate larger 40" undermount sink?

I have a 32" base cabinet for my kitchen sink with another 12" (approx) cabinet on each side of it.

Can I alter the inside-cabinet walls by trimming them down somehow to accommodate a large (40") 3 bowl undermount stainless steel sink? (soon to arrive granite countertops will be cut to accommodate whatever sink we get).

If so, what do I need to exactly do? the width the "new" base cabinet if I combine the 3 somehow by trimming down the inner sidewalls  will be close to 60".

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Posted 2012-09-02T02:59:26+0000  by bobk bobk

I made a mistake in the main part of the message.

.the base cabinet is 36" wide, not 32"...


Posted 2012-09-02T03:01:44+0000  by bobk




It is very probably possible to alter the adjoining cabinets to allow for the oversized sink. However, you will be stealing space from those adjoining cabinets. If the adjoining cabinets have drawers at the top, you may lose the use of them. The drawer fronts will then become false drawer fronts. If the adjoining cabinets merely have shelf space, you will probably lose some of that space.


Assuming the counter top is not in place yet, the easiest way to cutaway the sidewalls of the cabinets is with a power jig saw. Determne how low you must cut to accommocate the depth of the sink and drill a pilot hole at that point in the center of the cabinet. Then saw in both directions from this center point. This will allow the jig saw room to make the turn from the horizontal to the upward direction.


Hope this has helped

Posted 2012-09-04T16:04:59+0000  by ordjen
Cutting away the cabinet walls to install this sink wil lvoid the structural warranty on your cabinets. And the reason it does that is that those walls are what support that heavy sink full of water and the counters full of stuff. It is a very bad idea to do this without installing a wood cradle support in the cabinet interior to take the weight of the sink and counter.
Posted 2012-09-13T13:13:09+0000  by msrose


Should structural integrity of the remaining cabinets be of concern, additional bracing could easily be placed immediately to the sides of the new larger sink. This could be as simple as a section of 2X4 screwed into the front and rear frames or secured with metal brackets.

Posted 2012-09-13T15:56:00+0000  by ordjen
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