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are my calculations correct?


i am going to need over 500 cubic feet of drain rock for this french drain?

 sorry for the sloppy picture.

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Posted 2012-09-04T17:45:43+0000  by NerdrageIMO NerdrageIMO

@ steeltoes


i dont understand :(



here is a arial photo of my home marked with terrain... the white is flat to semi flat land....the black is the hill that drains water  via the soil to the flat land onward throughout towards the left...

marked is my deck and the drain area along with the drywell...






i was reading about french drains and they arent supposed to be for surface water... so i was wondering about a surface / french hybrid drain ideas...

i came up with this but it is still flawed... are there any other suggestions for this??



the guy is coming in saturday morn to start digging and im racking my brain tryign to figger this out...

Posted 2012-09-13T18:41:51+0000  by NerdrageIMO

 Hey NerdrageIMO,


I don’t want to complicate things-I’m not sure where you at with your project right now since it has been almost a week since you posed this question.


But this is the drawing for the typical French drain design;








From the Arial photo it doesn’t look like you'll be getting whole a lot standing water around the deck ... it almost looks like all you need to do is just slope the ground  around the deck a little bit to have water shed away from it.


I could be easily wrong. This is one of those projects where you would  need to make a decision on the site …but to me again it looks like all you need to slope the ground  around the deck.  


In a case you do need one… a French drain …it would make more sense to me to slope the ground around the deck and divert the water to the area in between the house and the proposed deck.

I’m sure that ground around the house is already slopped away from the house towards the deck to divert the water away from the foundation...

Slopping the ground like this would create a swale in between the house and a deck at which lowest point you can place a French drain to divert the water towards the street ….+ you can also have gutters (downspouts) that are on that side of the house  connected to it as well …swale.JPG



Hope this helps,




Posted 2012-09-18T16:05:54+0000  by George_HD_CHI

its ok.. payroll got delayed... so i didnt get to do it...


i also forgot to mention there is a swamp a ways back into the undergrowth..

i marked it and my neightbors huge ditch that the tribe dug befoer the homes were built.

also: i knocked the size down to 1'x2'

i was thinking something like this...



but it might cause more problems than what it solves....



keep in mind that this is for soaking up water and moving it to the well... i dont want it to be dispersed along the trench.


thanks for the drain designs too! now i know

Posted 2012-09-20T19:09:01+0000  by NerdrageIMO

I see. .. I didn’t know you doing a well too...


Is this a dry well ( soakway) you’re doing …or you interest in some sort of rain water harvesting (cistern-manhole)?


What is that ditch all about—is that some sort of dry well aka collection pit?


Depending on the soil type, water may or may not get dispersed along the trench…for example ground water in heavily saturated soil will migrate to the point of lowest hydrostatic pressure i.e pipe. With soil like this perorated pipe (French drain) acts as a collector….

If the soil in your area is dry but perceptible to sudden water runoffs than a half perforated pipe (installed with holes up) and collector or interceptor drain design is a better option…


SUBSURFACE DRAINAGE.jpgxs_land-drain_types.JPG 


Hope this helps,





Posted 2012-09-24T17:10:00+0000  by George_HD_CHI

yes i was planning on doing a drywell... 2 if necisary...

the ditch has been there for YEARS...i think it was put there to collect swamp runoff because they graded the land under that house too low... but there is a crease in the land that goes from my yard to that swamp... so it could be for collection of soil water from the hill...



the well will just go to the driest part of the yard... i am unable to get drain schematics... so i cant put it in the gutter drain (every house has a drain that pools under the col de sac.. this connects to the road, sweage and fire hydrants and which in turn runs to the local water treatment plant...




Posted 2012-09-24T17:36:03+0000  by NerdrageIMO



How's your project coming along ?







Posted 2012-10-09T20:20:59+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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