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backerboard next to carpet

when installing backerboard next to carpet, how close do you come to the carpet?
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Posted 2015-08-15T21:25:56+0000  by sliq sliq
Are you planning any kind of transition strip between the carpet and tile?

I might suggest, if you haven't, pull back the carpet (mainly to protect it) and then extend you tile work slightly into the carpeted area.  It's generally easier to cut carpet than tile.  That way you can end the backerboard, where you end the tile and eliminate any overhang.
Posted 2015-08-17T01:46:16+0000  by Adam444
As Adam's reply indicates, you might consider using a transition strip, sliq.

Otherwise, you should pull up the edge of the carpet to locate the tack strip and install tile within one-quarter inch of the tack strip.

After you stretch the carpet back onto the strip, use a hard straight edge to trim your carpet just enough to reveal the last row of tile.

Your process will be much easier if your start your tile install next to the carpet.

This leaves full size tile against the carpet and you'll cut tile to fit on the opposite side of the room ... produces a better looking transition.
Posted 2015-08-18T18:35:37+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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