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badger 5 garbage disposal system


I have a (who knows how old) badger 5 garbage disposal that my husband "accidentally" poured rocks down, turned iton, and is now jammed. I figured instead of calling a plumber to fix it I would just replace it with a new one. The onlyproblem I am having is that currently, with the bad disposal, whenever I turn my dishwasher on, it pours all the waterfrom the door out onto my kitchen floor, and fills the sink with water, and flushes it onto my floor again.

I need.

A.) steps on how to replace the garbage disposal because I will be doing this myself


B.) I need to know if I replace the disposal, if I am still going to have a leaking smelly water dishwasher problem. lol

Thank you!

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Posted 2011-04-19T20:51:29+0000  by danielle62588 danielle62588

Hello danielle62588, and welcome to the Home Depot community!


Yeah, rocks will both kill a garbage disposal and plug up the drain line.  Your dishwasher discharge hose runs to the drain high up under the sink, usually to the garbage disposal unit itself.  With no place for the water to go due to the rocks in the disposal and maybe also the drain trap, you get a flood.


When you install the new garbage disposal, also remove the drain p-trap and clean it out.  When you are done the flooding should no longer occur. 


Insinkerator has an excellent guide on how to R&R a disposal here: LINK. has an installation project guide here: LINK.


We also have a number of community posts on this as well:


I hope this helps,


Posted 2011-04-19T21:52:21+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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