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bar sink

I'm looking for a way drain 3 separate bar sinks basically into a gray water tank about 3 ft away. Am I going to have to cut everything? All kits don't fit & if I cut there will be no threads on the pvc.
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Posted 2011-09-23T15:07:44+0000  by bradq bradq

Hello bradq.  Welcome to Home Depot’s how-to Community!

Putting a drain into a water tank means you will be using an ejector pump.  I can cover that later, but for now maybe I can help explain how the drain fittings work.


There are 2 types of PVC fittings that you may use.  For the sink flanges and trap, normally slip fit connections are used.  Each pipe has a threaded end and a slip joint end.  The slip joint end allows you to cut the pipe to length if necessary and use a slip joint nut and seal to connect to the threaded end of the next fitting.  They look like this:


Slip Joint Extension.jpg

Slip Joint Tee.jpg


You can find a project guide on that covers replacing drain traps here: Replacing Drain Traps


Replacing drain traps.jpg


After the p-trap, these slip joint pipes usually are fit into solvent weld PVC pipes.  A threaded fitting like the trap adapter shown below is used to connect one type to the other and from then on, the solvent weld type pipe is cut to length and glued together permanently.


Trap Adapter.jpg


PVC Elbow.jpg


You can find a project guide on that covers glued pipe connections here: Connecting Plastic Pipes


Connecting plastic pipes.jpg


Treaded PVC fittings are used for other things as well.  In any event you should never have to cut off threaded ends in order to piece together a plumbing project.


I hope this helps,


Posted 2011-09-23T15:46:42+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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