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basement ceiling insulation

I am replacing the insulation in my basement ceiling.  The insulation I removed had the facing up, next to the ceiling, with the raw insultion showing to the room below.  I am wondering if when I install the new insulation if I can have the raw insulation up, against the ceiling and the paper facing showing to the room below. 

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Posted 2011-08-22T23:57:24+0000  by Tink Tink

Hi there Tink and thank you for your question.


Tink main purpose of the paper you’re inquiring about is to serve as a vapor barrier. A vapor barrier is an impermeable membrane that blocks the flow of moisturized air through the building envelope.

This membrane needs to be installed on the warm side of the insulation (conditioned space).

Years back your basement was most likely an unconditioned space and space above was designed to be insulated from it by placing a vapor barrier on the warm side of the floor and preventing hot air leaking thru towards the cold space.


More literature can be found here;

If you’re going to utilize your basement as a conditioned place and if your basement is going to be heated same as the space above, insulation and paper placement is irrelevant. The only benefit of having insulation in between two conditioned spaces it to minimize sound transmit ion.


Hope this helps and welcome to the community.

Posted 2011-08-23T15:03:01+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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