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basement :)

im tryin to attempt to  finish my basment,....I want to go with a knotty pine 6x12 HD sells at 10.00 per board.....on my walls and possibly my ceiling....after pricing out a drop ceiling WOW....Im considering just goin with the pine boards on the ceiling as well.....i have just about 7 ft height. , with all plumbing on one wall side of room...i will have to box in that.......any suggestion on doin this.... Im plannin on studding walls , 16 on center....i know have blue insulation board, tongue and groove , fastened to my concrete walls......then after studding , i was planning on nailing the 6x12ft knotty pine panels right on to the studs?......any advice, would be great....Ive never taken a project on this big before, im a lil nervous......even considered, doin the stud walls myself and maybe hiring HD to hang the interior panels if its over my ability.  thanks in advance

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Posted 2012-04-11T18:32:28+0000  by 73challenger 73challenger


Just a couple thoughts:


-   You might be "over dosing" on wood. Whereas I like wood, ceiling and walls of the same material is a bit much!


-   If you do not stain that pine, it will darken to a fairly strong reddish color. If you want to retain the natural color of the     

     pine, you would use a white "oickling" stain. This will prevent it from turning colors. Follow this with a couple coats 

     of varnish.


-  I would also not elect to use a hung ceiling. First, it just looks like "basement recroom" to me. Secondly, with only 

    7feet of clearance, you would be sacrificing valuable headroom.


-  I would personally opt for drywall on at least the ceiling. It has a more finished look, reduces the overdosing of

   wood effect and is as cheap as anything per square foot.

    effect, and is per square foot as cheap as anything else

Posted 2012-04-11T21:58:13+0000  by ordjen


I've got to start proof reading these posts better :(

Posted 2012-04-12T03:39:35+0000  by ordjen

For a DIY novice like you i would actually suggest the other way around. T&G boards on the ceiling and drywall on the walls. Typically basements are not accessible for long sheets of drywall that are used for the ceilings and finishing it with 8' foot sheets can be a nightmare for inexperienced taper. Smaller the panels more joints you got to deal with.


I've done this before and personally i like the look of the T&G boards on the ceiling(ceiling cladding), especially when they're painted with light colors.


Another option is to "wainscot" the bottom half of the walls.



This would give you an illusion of the taller walls and the same time it would add more detail to the walls.


Just some stuff to think about :) 


Hope this helps.




Posted 2012-04-16T14:51:29+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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