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bathroom / tiling / drywall / disaster

hi - I just moved into this place. there are like five bathrooms but the one closest to my room is a crazy sort of disaster.

It looks like someone had a some point tried to adhere a giant tile sort of shower enclosing -- a large solid tile/ceramic-like piece which is intended to line the walls of the shower -- directly to dry wall...


possibly I am mistaken - It looks like dry wall to me. I have included phtotographs below. 


from my understanding, the best thing I can do to resore the bathroom to working order is to

a-remove drywall

b-nail/staple plastic to wall studs

c- nail cememt board/ backboard to studs through plastic

d - tile ont that


is this the correct thing to do? 













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Posted 2013-01-09T15:13:09+0000  by vannajelmy vannajelmy



Hi vannajelmy,


It looks like they had a shower surround at one point glued to the walls...


You are correct when it comes to restoration steps.


The only step I would be cautious about is stapling plastic to the walls. This is something I would avoid if you live in warmer climate.

Plastic is considered a class I vapor barrier and having one on the interior (bath) and one on the exterior of the wall could create moisture problems.


I would go this route;


a- remove drywall

b- Screw cement backerboard to the walls

C-waterproof walls with waterproofing membrane aka RedGuard.

d- tile on top of that using modified thinsets such is Versabond.


RedGuard is a roll on waterproofing membrane designed for crack prevention and waterproofing.


Hope this helps and please do not hesitate to post back with any further questions you may have.








Posted 2013-01-14T20:48:06+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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