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bathroom walls

when sheetrocking bathroom walls and ceiling which rock should be used? also what kind of wainscoating can i put up? ie wood, mdf, ect.

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Posted 2012-02-14T21:51:17+0000  by busted busted

Hello Busted,


Welcome to the community.


Whenever you are hanging sheetrock in a wet location you should always use moisture-resistant sheetrock also known as green board. Its non-combustible, mold and moisture-resistant, and the face is covered in 100% recycled paper. This along with a good coat of PVA primer and paint and you’re in business.


As far as the wainscoting goes I would say that the real wood would hold up a lot better in a moist location. The MDF tends to swell if it gets wet / moist.


Both would work ok if you make sure and paint all 6 sides of it but none of us do that so I would have to suggest going with the real wood.:smileywink: It’s still a good idea to seal all sides and edges of the real wood also but it’s a little more forgiving if you miss a spot.


Let me know if you have any other questions. I would love to help.

Posted 2012-02-15T18:37:27+0000  by Christine_HD_OC


Let me be the contrarian: greenboard is not neccessary in a bath. Greenbaord has a coating that often presents problems in getting good paint adhesion. Areas where tile is to be hung, should be cement board, not drywall. Other than that, regular drywall  with a good primer and paint  is fine. Drywall should never be in full contact with the floor, especially if occasionally spilled water might get on the floor. Leave at least a 16th inch gap at the bottom  so that water cannot wick up into the drywall.


As to wainscotting: if you are painting the cotting, MDF will be more demensionally stable and take the paint better. Obviously, if you are staining, natural wood is in order. I prefer oil primer on MDF as it tends to pucker up a little with water based primers. Acrylic paint can be used for the finish coat.


In a bath, make sure all edges of the base shoe (or quarter round) and the bottom adge of the baseboard is primed and painted. Baths tend to get water spilled from the bath/shower and water can wick up from the bottom edges into the wood/MDF. If wet, wood will then peel and MDF will fester up.

Posted 2012-02-19T05:22:13+0000  by ordjen
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