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bathroom walls

have a very humid bathroom Would like to redo walls with something other than paint.or paper. What would be a good alternative.
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Posted 2015-06-27T19:12:07+0000  by Baba Baba
It's a really good idea to get the humidity out of your bathroom.  Excess humidity just leads to mold and mildew.  Think about installing a properly sized fan with a timer that allows it to run 15-20 minutes after bathing.  The fan needs to exhaust outside, not into attic space.

You could tile the walls although from a personal design perspective, I don't like the appearance of floor to ceiling tile.  Wood would be another option, again I'm less than keen on a floor to ceiling approach.  There's always FRP, you've seen it countless public restrooms.  It's tough, easily cleaned, and a breeze to install.  Ok, I was just kidding with that suggestion.

What were your thoughts?
Posted 2015-06-27T21:46:31+0000  by Adam444
Hey Baba!

Adam is among our best Community Members when it comes to outstanding advice!

Couldn't agree more ... a proper size exhaust fan should be your number one priority.

Once you exhaust the humidity, almost any wall coating will look better and last longer.


And I'm not so keen on man-made tile either.

However, I particularly like Travertine and other natural stone used that way.

It is simply a matter of shopping to ID a wall covering you prefer.
Posted 2015-06-30T15:35:42+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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