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battery chargers

can a sears battery charger be used for ryobi batteries?

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Posted 2014-10-03T17:01:11+0000  by tyz tyz
Ryobi tools (along with Milwaukee and AEG) are made by Techtronic Industries out of Hong Kong.  They also make a lot of private label brands including Craftsman (and a lot of Craftsman power tools look very much like Ryobi tools).  So it's entirely possible that a Ryobi battery would charge in a Craftsman charger although I don't know how you would get a definitive answer.  Ryobi isn't likely to send you to Sears to buy a Craftsman charger and Sears hasn't likely tested their chargers with other brands of batteries.

At the very least you'd want to make sure the charger matches the batteries in terms of chemistry.  For example, a lithium battery won't change in a NiCad charger but many of the lithium chargers are backwards compatible.  Obviously the contacts need to match up as well.  Of course, even with that there is a chance you'll destroy the battery and/or charger.

You may also want to search the web for tool discussion forums where others may have tried.  Pay particular attention to model numbers.
Posted 2014-10-04T22:33:51+0000  by Adam444
Hello tyz.  Welcome to the Community!

Even if your Craftsman charger is made by the same company which also manufacturers Ryobi, it is very unlikely that they would be compatible.

Voltage, battery chemistry, and physical docking of a battery must exactly match for this to work.
Ryobi batteries have a "snout" that engages up into the tool handle.
Most Ryobi tools, but not all are 18 volt, and none are 19.2.
Ryobi batteries can be either Ni-Cad or Lithium.
A Ni-Cad battery can be charged with a charger made for Lithium batteries, but Lithium batteries must be charged in a Lithium battery charger.

A quick look at the Craftsman tools offered today by Sears shows a lot of 19.2 volt and some 20 volt items with a sliding battery mount.
Even these two battery mounting systems look different from each other.
Their 18 volt replacement battery has a different "snout" connector mount than the Ryobi models.

Fortunately, a new Ryobi battery charger is not that expensive.


Posted 2014-10-07T18:09:42+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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