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beam spans for different sizes?



i have nine 6x6 posts in the ground and am ready to build

the total area is 20 sq ft. (outside corners of posts)

the height is 2 feet above ground.


from the outside of the outer post to the middle of the inner posts is equal to 10'


img for ref


I was wondering if i could use 3 double 2x6 as support beams, or if that would not be enough.


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Posted 2012-08-21T14:55:43+0000  by NerdrageIMO NerdrageIMO

O.K if it’s free standing than it’s called a rim board.  When a deck is attached to the house than a section of the deck framing that attaches is called a ledger board. 

Just FYI:smileyindifferent:


You dont have to do CAD drawing, you can just sketch up something on a piece of paper and I’ll figure it out...not a problem.


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Posted 2012-08-27T18:35:19+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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