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behr premium plus ultra - painting over blue board

Greetings!  I just gutted my first (of two) bathrooms.  I was told by a paint associate that I could paint over the blue board with Behr premium plus ultra without first priming as the primer was already in the paint.  I didn't like the original color, so three days later I repainted with a darker color - also using BPPU.  Unfortunately, the paint is chipping/lifting off in areas which is causing me much distress!!!  Does blue board need to be primed with a gripper paint prior to using Behr PPU?  The 2nd bathroom will be finished next week and I don't want replicate any mistakes.  Thanks!

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Posted 2013-05-12T10:49:02+0000  by tatntel tatntel


Hi and thanks for stopping by:smileyhappy:


   This will happen if you are using a painter's type tape and you let the paint dry too long before pulling the tape off.  Try and remove the tape while the paint is still in the "drying mode" - pulling it off gently.  Also, darker colors will require longer periods of drytime to fully cure.

Posted 2013-05-12T16:20:29+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Over the years, I have had problems with the greenboard type drywall which is intended for high moisture areas. It seems that whatever they impregnate the paper with to be moisture resistant seems to also hinder the adhesion of the paint and primer. Over blue/green board, my first choice would be a high adhesion dedicated primer such as Gripper  or Behr No.75 primer.  A quick dry oil primer such as CoverStain or the original Kilz would also work.


As Kevin suggests, it is always a good idea to pull the blue tape before the paint has  formed its film.  I have often gone through the extra time and trouble to retape an area, rather than have the paint peel off the wall when the tape is pulled. In rooms where two coats are neccessary, I will "cut in" to the tape on the first coat, but not hit it. On the final coat, I paint over the tape, but  pull the tape as soon as I have cleared that section of wall.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-05-12T16:48:06+0000  by ordjen

Thanks for your advice, Kevin.  You hit the nail on the head re: blue painters tape - that was certainly part of my problem.  I realize now that they have a *sensitive* blue tape meant for newly painted areas.  Live and learn!  It seems that the paint chips easily, too.  My contractor was hanging a mirror and accidentally hit the edge on the wall, resulting in a decent sized area that the paint pulled away from... 


I will certainly use your input on the next bathroom paint job coming up in a couple of weeks.  Thanks for taking the time to answer my concern!

Posted 2013-05-12T21:30:39+0000  by tatntel

Ordjen - I think I'm leaning towards taking your advice of using a gripper paint first.  An extra step, but will hopefully keep me from the anxiety that I went through last week.  I appreciate you and Kevin taking the time to answer my concerns!  Thank you so much!!!

Posted 2013-05-12T21:32:51+0000  by tatntel

I had the same issue with a room and based on your received replies the tape and the drying time affected me.  I had to do a lot of touch ups, but with the next rooms by extneding my drying time between coats and the time span I removed my tape, I noticed a big difference in quality.

Posted 2013-05-13T01:18:23+0000  by beth00
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