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best way to do dryer duct

best way to do dryer duct

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Posted 2013-12-28T16:24:03+0000  by tk5655 tk5655



Thank you for your question and welcome to the community!


Depending on your accessibility to the outside will determine if you can vent it outside, which would be your better option.


If you can't get outside, and I've personally had to use these before, use an indoor dryer kit. These aren't as effective as pushing the lint/air completely out, but with proper maintenance, it will work. Click on the image below for more information.

If you can get accessibility to the outside for the duct, go for a vented duct set.

The hardest part about installation is the planning and cutting away of whatever material the duct pipe is in the wall to the outside.


If its a brick/masonry outer wall, using a hammer drill (you can rent one from us) is the best way to cut through to make your vent come out.

Once you get a snug installation, make sure the vent outside is sealed properly to ensure no loss of heat from inside and to keep bugs and rain from making an entrance.


Please let me know if you have any further questions,


Posted 2013-12-28T17:12:00+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

The best way is to use as little of the flexible dryer duct as possible.  While solid duct is harder to work with, it's smoother inside surface decreases lint build up and reduces the risk of fire.  The flexible duct should be semi-flexible aluminium not the "floppy" stuff.  NEVER use the flexible plastic duct.



As Joseph mentioned, sometimes getting outside is the trickiest part.  If you're having problems doing that, let us know how your home is constructed and we can offer specific advice.

Posted 2013-12-29T02:30:51+0000  by Adam444
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