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bookshelves built into existing non-lode bearing walls


Hello!  I am a novice remodeler....A few years ago a friend built  small inserted book shelves into a living room wall...And I thought it would look great in my very small kitchen (good way to make space and hide things like trashcan,cat bowls,cook books, etc.) with a large unadorned wall.  Then I saw the commercial for Home Depot and the diagonal built in shelves...WOW!!  Help me out with some things on this please.  Like: how hard is this to do, how long does it take,what to do about existing electrical outlets, how to tell a lode bearing wall from a non-lode bearing wall, etc etc etc.  Do you have a workshop for this amazing bookshelf or do I just have to learn on my own?  Do they have to be diagonal or how about just straight up and down rectangles/squares?  The kitchen is so small and everything in it is rectangular so I thought just straight shelves would fit in better, but I also have a large unadorned wall in the living room that the diagonal shelving would really make the whole room seem less crowded and more elegant,  and, I have another smaller one in the master bedroom that will be perfect as well.  I am a big book reader so I have lots to put in them, plus I need more space (my clunky bulky wall units will have to go--they are old and jammed full).  Please point me to a class or how-to manual or something.....Thanks for your time!!

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Posted 2011-12-27T22:42:03+0000  by msgreenwell msgreenwell

 Hi Msgreenwall, this is Mike The Home Depot Answer Man.


We have had a number requests for information on the shelves seen in the TV commercial.

No one dreamed it would have this kind of response.


One of my colleagues here on the Social Media Team ‘Aboveaveragejoe’ has written a wonderful

post answering  all of the questions and it includes a detailed plan for building the shelves.


Check out his post. I think you will find it to be very informative. The link is below.



Posted 2011-12-28T00:50:37+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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