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bottle cap table top

i am making a bottle cap table top and I need to know what to put ontop of it to seal it in

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Posted 2013-09-21T02:46:58+0000  by RachelBollinger RachelBollinger

I'd think the pourable epoxy such as System Three's Mirror Coat would be a good choice.

Posted 2013-09-21T12:52:58+0000  by Adam444
Hi RachelBollinger,

The bar tops containing coins, playing cards, and other objects are created with Parks Super Glaze.

This two-part epoxy is an excellent sealant and preserver with applied thick enough to cover your bottle caps.


1) Mix the two parts thoroughly ... but gently enough to not create air bubbles;

2) Use a level to ensure your table top is level before beginning ... this prevents creating a thick and thin end on your surface;

3) Pour very gently ... this will also prevent bubbles;

4) Allow the product to self-level ... spreading is not a great method with this product; and

5) Hide a drop of adhesive of double-stick tape beneath each bottle cap to prevent it moving while pouring super glaze.

When done, please take time to share your handiwork with The Community.

Pat InPaint
Posted 2015-12-04T00:16:05+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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