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build a shelf to hang my hats on my wall

i want to know if their any plans avaliable to build a shelf or bookshelf type thing to hang my hats on not lay them on a shelf 

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Posted 2012-01-28T06:35:54+0000  by franky55909 franky55909

Hello Franky...


Everything you'll need is available in the THD Hardware and Lumber departments.


If you want something ready made, go to the Hardware department where the cabinet knobs and such are kept. You'll find a variety of ready made keyring holders, coat holders and the like. They're normally kept near where the cabinet hinges are in most of the THD's I've been in.


If you want to make your own, it's a pretty simple project. Head to the lumber department. You'll want a board about 18" long. By making it at least 18", you'll be able to mount it between two studs (which are 16" apart, most of the time). There are a variety of boards you can use, but for sizing, looking at 1x4 boards. Select Pine or Radiata is a good choice and not too expensive, Red Oak is a good choice if you want to stain your piece, Poplar is another good choice, but unless you get a piece that is evenly colored, you'll want to paint it. Then there is always the white wood, or fir. It's cheap, but the price comes with some disadvantages that can be overcome if you take the time to look through the selection of boards available. You'll want a board that is clean, or free of knots and/or wane (bark) and also straight (no cupping, twists or warping).


Over in the hardware section, depending on the type of hook or peg you want, you're going to visit the area called Builder's Hardware or the tool section where they sell the routers. In Builder's Hardware, you'll find coat hooks and in the tool area with the routers, you'll find some Shaker Pegs.


If you're board is 18" long, measure in an inch on each end and make a mark in the middle of the board. Then drill a hole just a bit smaller than the screws you're going to use. The screw should be about 2" long. If you have a counter sinking bit, you can use that to cut a bigger hole just deep enough to cover the screw with a button plug.


Hat Hooks.jpg

In this example, there are coat hooks, shaker pegs or a simple piece of dowel. Just to show you a variety of options.


Here are some examples of hooks or pegs:

Both of these are available in the store. There are even more options available at


These are button plugs:

This is a set of DeWalt countersinking bits. They'll drill a pilot hole for the screw as well as cut a big enough hole for a button plug:


All that is left is to paint or stain/finish your project.


Hope this gives you some ideas...


Posted 2012-01-28T17:52:35+0000  by Paul
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