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build a small box that can be closed with a lock

i wanted to know if there are any dimemsions or material that can help me build a small wooden box the size of a shoe box that can close with a lid and be locked with a lock 

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Posted 2012-01-28T19:54:43+0000  by franky55909 franky55909

Hey franky55909,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


I wish I had a lock box like this when I was growing up to keep my prying sisters out of my stuff...but I digress.


I'd say that to start out with, make sure whatever you want in the box you build will fit what you want to put in it (documents or jewelry). While I like the idea of a size of a shoe box, consider using a slighter flattened and wider version of a safety deposit  box. The same size that the banks use, but in wood and in items you can readily pick up at your local Home Depot.


The idea of this is not to have someone pry or open it without a key. Therefore, it is a good idea to have as many components inside the box and not exposed. While you have many choices when it comes to building this, refer to

the diagram below for a starting reference:

lock box.jpg


As for the material, I would use a good hardwood species for the construction of the box. We sell small boards of 1" thick dimensional lumber in maple, oak, and even melamine that can work for this project. The thicker the material you use, the sturdier it will be. To assemble them together, you'll need access to a saw or if you have your measurements already, you can get them cut at your nearest Home Depot.


I'd recommend to use a good clamp or two to hold the pieces together when you glue them. Nailing them after they are dry takes it an extra step for stability.  Use a high quality wood glue to make sure the pieces stay together tight.


In terms of hardware to use, using a continuous aka piano hinge works great, below is a picture of one you can cut down to the exact width you want.


As for a lock, you can use a latch on the outside, but in the same hardware aisle, we sell cam locks just like that was in the diagram above so you can get a more secure lock. Check it out below...

cam lock.jpg

You would cut a small line so the backset can rest easily into the top part of the wood. You will need access to drilling a hole for this and you can use a good adhesive for optional staying power.


After finishing, you now have the option of staining or painting the box to whatever you like. Also, consider lining the inside with velvet or another thin material.


As I said before, you have lots of options with this project, but if you grab these items and get the exact dimensions you like, you'll have just the wooden box that locks that works best for you.


Let us know if you have any further questions, and please let us know if this is what you were looking for.




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Posted 2012-01-28T22:06:50+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
Hi Joe, what do you put on the lid of the box so that it "catches" the cam on the lock?
Posted 2013-03-07T02:37:39+0000  by akd1222



Something similar to what you describe can be bought on the Home Depot.Com  website for about $20. It is by Sentry Safe and holds letter size papers in a lockable, fire-resistive case. They are also available in the stores.


I keep a couple of these in my house for items that are not in themselves valuable, but would be sorely missed come a fire, i.e. house insurance policies, etc.

Posted 2013-03-07T15:18:13+0000  by ordjen
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