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build a wooden wardrobe

Ive been looking at options for storage for a bedroom  because it lacks a closet (very old home) and I found something that is somewhat suitable in style.



Id like to actually build this however because the only ones Ive found in stores happen to be "trendy" styles but the materials are questionable and build quality is typically lacking.



any recommendations on building something thats similar to these?


I did manage to find one locally for $120 and its decent in meeting my needs but the material and buil does not feel very sturdy.


it looks like this



same brand as however I do not see any dimensional drawings. the dimensions at the store are listed as 

47-1/2W x 20-1/4D x 72H


I do like this style as well


the main emphasis would be functional hanging space for stuff that needs to be hung (suits, etc) and cant be folded into a dresser. Also, an overhead storage compartment would be a nice set as well, especially with a locking compartment for firearm storage.


so, am I in over my head and better off purchasing the local unit and modifying it or can I realistically build something like this?


I would like to build a quality unit that I can take with me and hopefully bring to a newer house, one that will last and be able to be taken down and reconstructed if need be in the event of moving. I am pretty comfortable using tools. I have been doing all refinishing (drywall, electrical, painting, etc) in my house so I would rate myself as pretty capable of most home projects.


any chance someone can provide a plan to help me on this project?



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Posted 2012-01-29T05:44:39+0000  by Aleksander Aleksander

Here is the start of the dimensions for the various cubes. I've also converted everything to use pocket holes.


I'm having a bit of a problem using my CutList plug-in for Sketchup, so it is taking me a bit longer to get you the dimensions for each piece. Here is what I have so far. If you can wait a bit, I will try to get the CutList problem resolved to get you a proper list of materials.


Wardrobe v5a.jpg

Above is the configuration as requested.


Wardrobe v5 - 1x1 Cube.jpg

For the 1x1 Cube.


Wardrobe v5 - 1x2 Cube.jpg

For the 1x2 Cube.


Wardrobe v5 - 1x3 Cube.jpg

For the 1x3 Cube (in this case holds the gun rack).


Wardrobe v5 - Gun Rack.jpg

The gun rack.


Wardrobe v5 - 2x1 Cube.jpg

This is the 2x1 Cube.


Wardrobe v5 - half x half cube.jpg

In the center, you'll find the 1/2 x 1/2 Cube.

Wardrobe v5 - half x half drawer.jpg

And the detail for the drawer for the 1/2 x 1/2 Cube.


Like I said, give me a bit of time to figure out the CutList problem I'm having and I'll provide you a proper CutList. If you want to send me a private message with your email address, I will forward the Sketchup model to you. That way you can just pull it apart as needed and measure everything directly.

Posted 2012-04-26T18:33:05+0000  by Paul

Great job Paul.

I don’t think i've ever seen anybody answering question on the forum the way you did in this post.
 Way to go man, you nailed it.


*I also think pocket holes are the way to go, especially for somebody with no experience with router. Aleksander when you're all done you can use pocket hole -plugs to conceal conspicuous spots.





Posted 2012-04-30T18:13:34+0000  by George_HD_CHI


Ok, I think I have the problem worked out. Everything looks complete. The only thing not included in this is the hardware you'll need. For using pocket holes, I'd recommend you consult the manufacturer's recommendations for spacing. As for hinges, you'll need around 26 for the configuration as shown here. I made a change by getting rid of drawers in general. Also, there are no shelves figured in. This is just to build the cubes. Once you have the cubes built, we can figure out what kind of tweaks you want to make and the best way to accomplish them given your circumstances.


As it's shown, you'll need two 4x8 sheets of 3/16" hardboard for the backs and eight 4x8 sheets of 23/32" hardwood plywood. I'm sure there's a way to do it that I haven't figured out, but I also haven't included the amount of edge banding you'll need to hide the plys on visible edges. You may just have to measure that out on your own. If you see a measurement in 32nds (except for thickness) or 64ths, it's probably going to be a door. You'll have to adjust that to fit. Measure twice, cut once :smileywink:


So here it is...

Wardrobe v6.jpg

S-0014 1/2x Base - plywood23 13/16"10 1/2"23/32"Plywood
S-0024 1/2x Side - plywood23 13/16"9 1/16"23/32"Plywood
S-0032 1/2x1 Back - hardboard21"10 1/2"3/16"Hardboard
S-0044 1/2x1 Door - plywood20" 9 1/2"23/32"Plywood
S-0058 1x Side - plywood23 13/16"19 9/16"23/32"Plywood
S-00610 1x base - plywood23 13/16"21"23/32"Plywood
S-0071 1x1 Back - hardboard21"21"3/16"Hardboard
S-0081 1x1 Door - plywood20 1/64"20"23/32"Plywood
S-0092 1x1/2 Back - hardboard21"10 1/2"3/16"Hardboard
S-0101 1x2 Back - hardboard42"21"3/16"Hardboard
S-0111 1x2 Door - plywood41"20"23/32"Plywood
S-0121 1x3 Back - hardboard63"21"3/16"Hardboard
S-0131 1x3 Door - plywood62"20"23/32"Plywood
S-0144 2x Base - plywood42"23 13/16"23/32"Plywood
S-0152 2x Side - plywood40 9/16"23 13/16"23/32"Plywood
S-0161 2x1 Back - hardboard42"21"3/16"Hardboard
S-0172 2x1 Door - plywood 20 25/64"20"23/32"Plywood
S-0181 2x3 Back - hardboard63"42"3/16"Hardboard
S-0192 2x3 Door - plywood62" 20 3/8"23/32"Plywood
S-0204 3x Side - plywood61 9/16"23 13/16"23/32"Plywood



Posted 2012-05-02T23:14:26+0000  by Paul

The image of the cabinet with the slide-out gun rack is almost perfectly what I am looking for . . . except I need to handle 10 weapons.  Is the image something you made based on a set of plans?  If so, where can I find/acquire them?

Posted 2013-04-24T14:37:17+0000  by RDW2
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