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building in 13 1/2 ft a fram and the box made out of dry wall to hide a bunch of

had a sepitc put in  for a  adtion  ffom the out side wall of a raised  ranch  to the  inside of a room 13 1/2 feet they  go though the  room to though a  closet to  other side into another room which they are hide by  a false ceiling in that  room .facing the  first roon in a downstaris they are against the  back wall 12 inches doen from the  ceiling  and 12 coming out  .the largest pipe is held by three metal brackets which  are atttached to the ceiling  4 feet by four feet  by 4  and were there are jousts since i  know they  were put in  by pros . the rest we have to do  make a fram  then cover with  dry wall to  hide them using 2 by  4 and making a ladder frame what do  people  think  to start with ?

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Posted 2012-09-30T18:21:40+0000  by robgray1 robgray1

Hey robgray1,


Would you be able to post some pictures?


Section of the pipe that is up against the wall can be boxed out ...or what the call soffit.

Typically 2x3s or 2x2  are used for such.... one nailed to the wall…right below the pipe on the ceiling right in front of the pipe, one piece @ 90 degrees and small pieces connecting these three .Something like this;



For the section of the pipe that is coming out 12 inches from the wall and 12 from the ceiling you are better of framing it so it looks like a beam of some sort...


Why did they drop it that much …?



Posted 2012-10-01T15:59:21+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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