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building up a sunken concrete driveway

Part of my concrete driveway has cracked and sunk down about 2" at the lowest point.  Is there a product for building up the surface of old concrete?  I need something with fine enough texture to go from 0-2"



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Posted 2012-09-06T22:53:39+0000  by Circus-Tom Circus-Tom
how big is the area? the subgrade may have failed, so a surface repair may not fix it. consider removing the damaged area and repouring.
Posted 2012-09-08T19:26:26+0000  by pmward

Hello Tom and thank you for joining our How-To-Community.


Tom there's number of products that you can use to resurface/fill the concrete in general. However, from my experience no product that is applied under 2" inches is going to last in exterior application, especially if are talking about feather edge to 2 "inches. You may get a year or two the most out of it and then you will see it delaminating from the old concrete.


If this was an interior application I would recommend to grind the surface prime and use 9000 + psi concrete or epoxy but on the exterior you best option is to either cut out the section and replace as previous poster hinted or to search for reputable mudjacking company in your area.


Mudjacking is the technique where they pump the sand or cementious material under the slab to get it lifted up back to its original position.


If you decide on the topping solution i would recommend Rapid Set Cement All and to prime the surface prior to application with concrete primer.

 cement all.jpgsika primer.jpg

Hope this helps,





Posted 2012-09-11T16:46:16+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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