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building walls

We currently live in a loft apartment with huge (at least 15 ft) ceilings.  But we rent the place.  I am needing to put up two walls to make part of the living room into a third bedroom.  It's for my boys 10 and 14 so doesn't have to be sound proof or anything just privacy for the most part.  The wall that adjoins with the apartment next door I'm told has metal in it and the other wall we would be attaching to is just normal dry wall.


I only need the wall to be approx 7 ft high and it will be 12x12 Some thoughts I've had are...


Using wire on top and bottom stretching burlap between and using corner fencing posts on the corners and to attach to walls....


Using corner fencing posts on the corner and attaching to walls and half way down the wall, drilling a hole top and bottom and using a metal rod instead of wire to stretch the burlap (or other fabric) between


Possibly something like shower doors... but I have no idea how or how expensive that would be


Anyway does anyone have any ideas??? I need something inexpensive and easy to take down because like I said we're renting and I don't want to have to do a lot of demo when it's time to move....



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Posted 2013-03-18T22:28:24+0000  by JstWannaKnow JstWannaKnow


Hi Hello and thank you for joining,


Few years ago I’ve divided up one big conference room in to three separate offices. We were working on an extensive build out and they needed a space that they can use in the meantime. So we ended up setting up some temp offices in their conf. room.


I ended up framing walls with 1-5/8 steel studs 24” on center on top of the plywood sheets.


We didn’t want to fasten anything in to the original floor (damage), so we used plywood sheets for the base. At same time this also protected the floors from more than usual traffic.


To temporarily finish the walls I used 1/8” Thrifty panel board.



In my opinion this is your very best and the least damaging option.


You will end up making only two connection points and that is where the new walls connect to the adjoining ones.




Posted 2013-03-19T17:51:14+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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