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cab-over sleeping area

I'm building a diy truck camper with cab-over sleeping area. what materials should I use that can be lightweight, but strong enough to support my weight, along with the building material weight?
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Posted 2018-03-25T16:58:10+0000  by horselady horselady
Hi horselady,

While I am an avid auto enthusiast I am not an automotive engineer or designer. There are simply too many factors to be considered here to give you any good advice. The design of a camper shell or over the cab sleeper is best left to an automotive engineer who knows the safety rules and physics involved. Obviously it must be strong, light weight and aerodynamic, it also must be properly attached to the vehicle and meet all current auto safety regulations.

Most modern camper shells are made of fiber glass or carbon fiber, both materials can be molded into an aerodynamic shape while still being light weight and strong. 

We do not have the knowledge or expertise to give you any solid recommendations. I am sorry we could not help you more. 


Posted 2018-03-26T22:55:40+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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