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cabinet install

when install cabinets in a new kitchen do you install them on top of finish floor? or do you install them on the sub floor and butt the finish floor to the cabinets?

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Posted 2016-01-05T23:20:49+0000  by joshbuck joshbuck
Hi joshbuck,

In most kitchens, the floors are finished after the cabinets are installed.

This saves the builder the cost of material and labor for the area beneath the cabinets.

Quarter Round or other trim is used to cover the transition.

However, in a refrigerator stall, you commonly find flooring installed all the way to the wall.

If you're trying to determine if your flooring was installed beneath existing cabinets, try raising the metal kick plate below the dishwasher door.

You may have to loosen several small bolts to get it to slide up.

You'll immediately see whether flooring or subfloor is under your dishwasher and your cabinets will likely be the same.

Hope this helps with your project!

Pat InPaint
Posted 2016-01-05T23:33:18+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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