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can I add insulation to the peak in my garage

I have open ceiling in my garage, and I want to insulate the rafters up to the peak, to help keep it warm, I have seen a few insulated roof peaks in garages, I have a new shingle roof, with new vented soffits, but several people do not recommend it,  can you tell me the reason I shouldnt insulate???

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Posted 2013-12-10T21:30:55+0000  by DEWEAVER DEWEAVER




Insulating the rafters is certainly possible if your rafters have sufficient depth to allow for the insulation  plus a couple inches of air space above it.  You need air flow between the insulation and the bottom of the sheathing from the eaves up to the ridge of the roof, assuming you have a ridge roof line rather than a hip roof.  A vapor barrier, other than the insulation paper or or aluminum facing  would still be advised to control moisture infiltration.


There is an expensive alternative of having the whole ceiling sprayed with a closed cell foam insulation. This would make the entire area as part of the conditioned envelope. It is vapor barrier and  insulation in one. In this case, your venting would be sealed shut.


You would be far better advised to install a drywall ceiling and insulating above it. This would allow almost limitless insulation above it without constraints of room available.  Further, why do you want to heat all that volumn of air up there? A ceiling, even without insulation, would greatly increase your comfort below! Remember, heat goes directly upward. You have to heat all that upper air before it gets down to you!


Just a little insight.

Posted 2013-12-10T23:05:32+0000  by ordjen
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