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can I use Martha Stewart Precious Metal paint on textured walls? I want to have a textured look

I am looking for a textured look and have researched many different types of paint. When I realized my walls already have a texture to them. I like the textured look on the sample card. So can I use the precious paint on the textured wall?

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Posted 2013-08-11T19:59:36+0000  by questionhelp questionhelp

Your walls sound perfect for the Precious Metals paint.:smileyvery-happy:  Depending on the depth of texture - you may consider a couple of application methods.


Heavy textured walls: Apply the PM's with a  thin roller applied in random directions. This will give a shimmering effect.


Lightly textured walls:  Use a thin 1/2 inch roller to apply the PM's like you would regular paint - rolling in a straight pattern.

Posted 2013-08-11T20:18:27+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
Thanx so much for the speedy reply...however as I started pulling the wallpaper off....the wall is actually not textured like the rest of the house. So, next question do I. Create the textures, it doesn't have to be exactly like the sample, but I do want texture. Please help
Posted 2013-08-12T00:31:33+0000  by questionhelp

I am so glad to see that you are taking this DIY thing to the next level:smileywink:


There are so many types of texture out there..If possible, can you snap a picture and post it so I can better advise you? 


One definite step will be to prime the wall that had the wallpaper on with an oil-based primer like Kilz or Coverstain before adding anything else to the surface.


Posted 2013-08-12T13:26:44+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

I am not too sure about making this into a REALLLY big project. Really what i like is the look of the light strokes and the potters clay, but i like the look of the metalic shimmer. I actually was looking at a cheap and easy project...that being said i am willing to pay what it cost to get the look i want. the girl at the girl at the store had suggested painting with a similar color of behr paint and then maybe sponging the metalic on top, would something that work and still get the metalic finish, or using the texture brush? i am not totally loyal to Martha Stewart, if yotu know of another brand that has the metalics. I took pictures but cant figure how to upload them to the site, sorry. 

Posted 2013-08-12T16:28:07+0000  by questionhelp

The associate gave you great idea. I often tell my customers to base coat and then come over the top with PMs.  The thought of sponging will also work, but you should consider the Lightstrokes will also accomplish the desired effect. Both can be applied by brushing in a random pattern.


BTW - to upload a picture: from your post page that you are typing on, click the tree in the center of the tool bar. Now click on browse and find the picture in your computer (make sure its a JPEG file) and double click to add it to the post.

Posted 2013-08-12T18:10:36+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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