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can a steel exterior door be painted to look like a wood door?

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Posted 2013-04-22T15:44:07+0000  by shonna shonna




Metal doors certainly can be grained to look like real wood, although it takes a bit of skill and the proper graining combs to accomplish this. It is also very time consuming because you have to do the graining in sections to make the grain look as if it is "jointed" wood. each direction has to be copleted and allowed to dry before the cross graining is done.


I recall my brother, who was very talented at such faux finishes, making a flat metal fire door match the oak six panel doors next to it. You could not tell the difference until just a couple feet away!


Graining is done by applying a base coat, usually a wood tone that emulates the tone of the actual wood. An oil based, low sheen paint makes the best base coat. Low sheen paints have "tooth" which grabs the glaze well.A glaze is then applied over it and then striated with graining combs or even course steel wool.  Light graining can be accomplished by draging a firm , dry brush over the glaze.


There are both oil and water based glazes. Water dries fast, which can be both a blessing and a curse. It sets too fast sometimes. Oil gives more working time, but makes you wait for it to dry before you can do the alternate direction graining.


There is much information about woodgraining out there on the Internet. YouTube is a good source for video tutorials


I would caution one thing about graining doors, especially doors that get a lot of use: faux wood finishes are very prone to scratching, even with a protective coat of varnish over the top. Even door keys in the hand can scratch the grain around the lock. Such damage of grained surfaces is not easy to repair to the point of being invisible. Should you decide to go ahead and grain your door, be sure to make a touch-up kit with small samples of the base coat and the glaze. Fill up small glass bottles with no air in the the jar. It will keep for years if no air is present.


Hope this has given you some insight.

Posted 2013-04-22T16:34:59+0000  by ordjen
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