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can home furnishing be stored in resin shed

can you store your home furnishings in resin shed and will they be safe from damage

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Posted 2013-12-31T17:56:27+0000  by dmyjeannie dmyjeannie

Hello dmyjeannie and welcome to The Community!


Depending upon the part of the country where you live, I would advise against storing certain  home furnishings in a resin shed due to due to fluctuations in humidity and temperature changes – both too hot and/or too cold.  The following products are best stored in a climate controlled environment and should not be stored in a resin shed:


* solid wood furniture

* leather furniture

* laminated furniture

* most flooring (vinyl, laminate and wood)

* water color paintings and objets d’art

* mirrors

* paint cans

* insured items

* antiques

* electronic media (TVs, sensitive electronics  and entertainment center components)


You could store most accessories, carpets and rugs, window treatments, linens (moth-proofed) and other items in a resin shed as long as it does not allow moisture.  Take care that other items such as power tools, hardware, outdoor power equipment and grills are kept away from the home furnishings.  The shed may accumulate dust over time so keep your items properly protected.  Regularly check for snow build-up (remove if applicable) and ensure the shed remains level.


Best wishes on your project. 


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Posted 2013-12-31T18:54:02+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
moisture is not good for wood furn..
Posted 2013-12-31T20:34:16+0000  by Laurence1a
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