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can i transplant a knockout rose now?

  Can I transplant a knockout rose now?
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Posted 2016-10-05T17:46:07+0000  by bsrx4 bsrx4
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Greetings bsrx4,

Yes…..It is a great time to transplant your Knock-Out Rose!

Transplanting at this point in the growing season is ideal, the temperatures are cooling, there is more natural moisture in the morning air, the plants are getting ready to defoliate putting more energy into root development, instead of the plant devoting all its energy into pushing out flowering and fresh new leaves.

This time of the year to transplant is also perfect because it gives the plant a bit of time to adjust to its new home, before the dormancy state sets in.

I would like to recommend adding a root stimulator to the water at transplant time. This product will also help ease transplant shock, help strengthen the all-around wellness of the plant.

Knock-Out roses like a sunny, well drained growing spot, adding a shovel full of sand to the transplant site will help to promote good drainage.

Best of luck with your transplant!   Maureen 

Posted 2016-10-06T13:38:49+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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