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can i use osb sheathing on the outside of a hunting camp if i paint

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Posted 2014-01-05T04:02:20+0000  by belliveau belliveau

Hey belliveau.


You can use OSB for the walls but you will need to use Tyvek house wrap to cover it, as this will act as a vapor barrier. OSB alone will swell up over a short period of time and have to be replaced but not before creating collateral damage to other parts of the structure.


Do not paint it as this will not form a sufficient vapor barrier alone and paint along with Tyvek will trap moisture in creating more problems. So Tyvek only with no paint in best. 


Posted 2014-01-05T19:04:49+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL


Tyvek is not intended as a primary covering. It is intended as a rain barrier under siding. Left exposed to the elements, it rapidly loses its effectiveness. The manufacturer states it should be covered within 4 months.

Typek is NOT a vpor barrier, it is a vapor retarder. The beauty of Tyvek is that water will flow off it, yet vapor will pass on through. It is debated in the building industry if a vapor barrier should ever be used. You never want to have moisture trapped inside a wall cavity.


Likewise, OSB is not suitable for permanent exposure to rain. It will swell up and deteriorate. However, if primed and painted, it should give good service for the intended use on a hunting shelter. My first choice would be to prime all sides, with special attention to the edges, with an exterior rated oil primer such as CoverStain. Follow this with at least one coat of acrylic housepaint. To aid in protecting the OSB, corners of the structure should be covered with cornerboards and seams should be protected with battens. Do make sure the bottom edges of the OSB boards, where raindrops tend to linger, get painted well.

Posted 2014-01-06T06:14:24+0000  by ordjen

You also might want to get creative and install some James Hardie Siding - HardiePlank over the Tyvek. Then a coat of paint and you will be protected and good to go for years to come! You can go to your local Home Depot and buy some HardiePlank and paint as well if you would like, they will be happy to point you in the right direction. Also check out our web page for more helpful info: HardiePlank Siding or

Posted 2014-01-09T02:55:57+0000  by GregGKapitan

 My assumption is that the poster wants to do this project as low cost as possible, thus the OSB, which would not have been my first choice. Better, and still somewhat economical, would be T 1--11, also primed and painted. My impression is that this was to be a relatively primitive structure, a couple steps up from a tent. Something to get the hunting party off the ground and out of the wind and rain. Just room for the pot belly stove, cots  and the beer cooler :)

Posted 2014-01-09T04:49:26+0000  by ordjen
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