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can puck light use on drop ceiling

can puck light use on drop ceiling

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Posted 2013-12-05T21:18:35+0000  by pmostacchio pmostacchio

Can you do it, sure.  Is it a good idea, probably not.


Why do you want to use puck lights.  If you're looking for an easy/cheap way to replace traditional can lights, understand that puck lights put out a lot less light tan a regular light bulb.  So you would need a lot more puck lights to achieve the same level of lighting.


Puck lights are designed to be screwed into something solid and ceiling tiles usually have little or no holding power.  So you'll need to use a scrap of wood (and longer screws than are supplied) on the back of the tile to hold them in place.


The next question is how are you going to power them as most puck lights are designed to plug into an ordinary receptacle.  Usually there aren't a lot of receptacles on ceilings.  Running an extension cord above the ceiling probably isn't a good idea.


If I haven't discouraged you, I would strongly recommend using low voltage lights, either low voltage halogen/xenon or LED.  That way if the wire supplying power to the lights is damaged it's only carrying 12 volts, not 120 volts.  

Posted 2013-12-06T00:09:38+0000  by Adam444
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