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can you put pellets in a wood stove

can you put pellets in a wood stove

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Posted 2013-09-14T04:11:09+0000  by Debra62 Debra62

Hi Debra62,


Welcome to our community and thank you for your question.  To answer your question simply , yes, you can use pellets in a wood stove, however, (you knew that one was coming)…..due to the higher temperature of the burning pellets, just scattering the pellets on the bottom of the stove and lighting them could cause damage to the stove.  


You can still make this work by only using a small amount of your kindling to provide a bed of coals for your wood will rest on before you add your pellets or you can use a fireplace insert that will allow you to burn the pellets in your stove.


You can get a fireplace insert that will make this operation safe.  The Fireplace inserts for the wood burning stove are basically metal baskets designed to fit inside your wood stove and hold the pellets so that they can be ignited and used like in a traditional fireplace.  


Wood stove pellets.jpg    Wood Stove w-multi fuel.jpgWood Pellet basket1.jpg




These baskets are made of a fire resistant steel mesh so that the pellets can burn and then the leftover ash can fall thru without endangering the integrity of the wood burning stove.  The one problem with the inserts is that they will be manual loaders and the pellets are not guaranteed to burn evenly.   This uneven burn can result in some inefficient heating.  It can also be difficult to impossible to reload while the pellets are still burning.  


If you choose to use an insert for your wood stove, be sure to measure the: Depth, Height and Width of your wood stove.    Be sure that you have a couple of inches of space between the insert and the walls of your wood stove.  


Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Posted 2013-09-20T20:19:58+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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