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can you put wall paper over wall paper

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Posted 2013-11-18T23:41:44+0000  by loripop60 loripop60




It certainly is possible to paper over existing wallpaper, however, it presents a removal problem down the road.  The problem is that over the past 40 years, most wallpapers have been coated with a thin plastic coating to make them washable. The pre-pasted wallpapers have a cellulose paste on them that does not bond well directly to that plastic coating. To assure a good bond, the wallpaper should be first primed with one of the pre-wallpapering wall prep products  or simply primed with an oil based primer..  Unfortunately, these products form a moisture barrier themselves. Years down the road, should you attempt to remove that wallpaper, these multiple moisture barriers  will make it  extremely difficult to remove.


In short, it would be far better to "bite the bullet" and remove the old paper before hanging new wallpaper.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-11-19T01:00:54+0000  by ordjen
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