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can't turn bath sink shut off valve

trying to replace my bathroom faucet and the shut offs have not been turned for 20 years - used WD40, pipe wrenches, sockets - nothing works - any ideas?

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Posted 2010-12-18T21:22:43+0000  by afcarl afcarl

Hey afcarl,


Aboveaveragejoe from the community here, sounds like you have quite a stuck situation on your hands. You can try two methods to approach the valve since you used a good bit of elbow grease already and we are in the same spot we were in before. Here they are:


1.See if your shut off valve has a small nut beside the handle, loosen it a bit to allow the stem to turn more freely.
Now take a set of pump pliers, like a good pair of Channel-Locks and place on the handle and began to turn the handle clockwise to shut it off. Don't worry about the broken handle, they're easily replaceable.


2. Try turning off your main water supply valve, and then just open the lowest fixture in the house to bleed any pressure off, and go ahead with your tub/shower faucet repair, high pressure maybe the culprit in this.


Hopefully after these options, it won't have to come to plain jane repair/removal of the valve and surrounding pipes.


Let me or any of our associates and members  in the community help out with any further questions if your still at an impasse.




Posted 2010-12-18T21:41:08+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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