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ceiling fan

I broke the chain or the chain came out of the componet itself, I don't see a way to open the box which the chain came out of, so how do I replace the chain?



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Posted 2010-12-07T09:54:06+0000  by jimmy4304 jimmy4304

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As someone that raised two boys with ceiling fans over their beds, this is a problem I have encountered on more than one occasion. Fortunately the resolution is inexpensive, easy to do, and available in the aisles of your local store.


Replacement Dual Capacitor 3-Speed Fan Switch

All you need is to replace the switch. The one pictured is a light switch that retails for under $4.00. Further, there are 3 speed single and dual capacitor switches for the fan motor. They are typically under $5.00 and also available in the electrical department.


Although, I am confident you can see how to remove the switch by looking at the assembly, detailed instructions are posted on E-how, another popular DIY site. Follow this link to review;


Good luck on your project, please let me know if you have any further questions.



Posted 2010-12-07T12:41:57+0000  by HD116
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