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ceiling fan installation in a drop ceiling

Can I install a ceiling fan in  an old drop ceiling in kitchen where light fixture is and what do I need to install it properly?

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Posted 2013-05-16T22:37:33+0000  by medievalwoman62 medievalwoman62

You can but it might take some work.  Ceiling fans need to be installed with a fan junction box (they're beefier than regular junction boxes) and attached to structure.  Without seeing your room it's a little hard to say exactly what's required but you'll probably have to add some blocking with 2x material.  The goal is that the face of the fan box sits flush with the ceiling.

Posted 2013-05-17T13:57:08+0000  by Adam444

Hey medievalwoman62,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


When I had to install ceiling fans in an acoustical ceiling grid system, I used a specialized ceiling fan junction box made just for this purpose.


Shown below, there is a junction box that essentially holds onto the grids, but the weight is supported by the ceiling joists in the true ceiling (not the drop ceiling). Click on the larger image to find out more information.

Saf-T-Grid Support Fan Brace for Suspended Ceilings 20 cu. in. Fan/Fixture Box Kit

As long as you cut small holes into the wooden ceiling joists, you can use the chain provided in the kit to successfully hold up your fan.


Next, carefully cut out the area of the drop ceiling tile you'd want the ceiling fan to be. After cutting out the hole, the two side brackets snap into the metal grids on your drop ceiling.


The junction box would then be flush with the drop ceiling, allowing you to wire it up securely and properly.


If you can't find this box at your nearest store, DO NOT make one up yourself. Save time and money and if you get the junction box linked above, your new ceiling fan will work in a drop acoustical ceiling.


Let us know if you have any further questions,



Posted 2013-05-18T19:15:25+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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