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ceiling fan wiring trouble

Install & Replace

wiring diagram for hampton bay fan switch

The nut that holds the  fan switch and chain on my ceiling fan undid itself, which caused the switch to stop working. After I removed the lighting assembly from the fan, I saw that the switch had disintegrated, and the wires had come out, except for the white one which was in the 'L' slot. I can buy a new switch, but how do the wires go back? I can't find a model or serial number on it anywhere. I thought if I posted a picture of where the black, yellow and blue wires were coming from, someone would be able to tell me which wire goes where.


The blue and yellow ones come from a black cube on the bottom, perhaps the unit that communicates with the remote?, and the black one comes out of the multi plug that connects to the main part of the unit. 


If the blue and yellow ones control the remote function, I could live without that,  just plug the black one into the correct slot on the switch, and control the fan by pulling the chain.


The photo is looking down into the housing that holds the light fixtures and switches.

San Marino 36 in. Brushed Steel Ceiling Fan, hampton bay ceiling fan ef200-36



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Posted 2017-08-30T14:41:58+0000  by jaimeelson jaimeelson
Hello jaimeelson, and welcome to the Community!

You could fix a few ways, you could bring in the switch and we could see if we have a replacement, or you could replace the light kit fixture, which will give you a brand new let kit with new wiring and switches, or you could contact Hampton Bay Customer Service directly for a warranty replacement, their number is below. 

Posted 2017-08-31T12:35:01+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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