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cement/concrete help

How do I prepare the cement walls of my garage for painting? Do I need primer first, or is it not necessary?

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Posted 2013-11-18T21:00:38+0000  by indian1617 indian1617

Welcome to our community Indian1617!


If it is uncoated, you will need to use a primer before you paint. Behr Multi-Surface primer will work well for you!


 If it has been painted previously, you can go over it with masonry paint. :) 


If you have any more questions, please let us know! 


Christine :) 

Posted 2013-11-18T21:25:25+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL




I am often the contrarian. If your concrete walls are not brand new ( at least a couple months old ), do not exhibit any signs of moisture problems and are clean, it is not imperative to prime concrete. Quality acrylic paints , such as those by Behr and Glidden, will bond directly to concrete. Indeed, all Behr interior paints are rated as "self-priming", as is the Glidden DUO. Over the years I have painted many concrete walls, including deep basements, including my own, without any problems.


In a deep basement or below grade garage wall which exhibits water problems, one of the paints designed to block hydrostatic pressure, such as DryLoc should be used. These type paints are only effective if they are applied to bare concrete.


There is no bigger "bang for the buck" than painting gray, dingy concrete with a coat of paint, especially in a dark, deep basement. White or light colored walls and  better lighting can dramatically improve the environment.


As a passing note, for a  simple lighting solution, Home Depot sells a large spiral flouresent CFL bulb that only draws about 60 watts, but gives the equivalent light of about a 300 watt bulb. I have 4 of them in the ceramic utility fixtures on the ceiling of my garage and now I have to wear sunglasses when I go out there !  :)


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-11-19T01:27:13+0000  by ordjen

It did help. Thank you very much. That was the answer I was hoping for.  R/ R.Lee

Posted 2013-11-19T01:36:17+0000  by indian1617
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